We know how unpredictable healthcare expenses can be year-to-year. Through marketplace competition, the SurgiPrice platform will lower your healthcare spend while also empowering employees with multiple opinions and surgeon-specific/procedure-specific outcomes data. Ask about our performance guarantee.

How We Help You

Reduce Healthcare Costs with Competition
SurgiPrice empowers patients with the options to choose. The options we provide will allow them to compare both cost and quality.
Eliminate Unnecessary Surgeries
Having multiple surgeons give their opinions means a patient can make the most informed decicision about their procedure.
Employee Access to Quality Metrics
A smarter decision begins with better information. We collect quality metrics from all surgeons and share that with the patient.

The SurgiPrice Solution

Company offers SurgiPrice product to Employees
Patients access their personal concierge
Concierge uploads medical records and imaging
Board certified surgeons render opinions and report quality metrics for that procedure
Patients review opinions, out-of-pocket costs and choose their surgeon
Patient is guided throughout the process

The Predictable Costs with Bundled Rates

Patients needing surgery have the added stress of unpredictable bills. SurgiPrice challenges the status quo by offering options, transparency, and personalized support from a patient concierge.
Patient receives many separate bills with unpredictable costs. Additional opinions have to be obtained and paid for by the patient.
*number of options may vary
Members obtain multiple free opinions and surgeon-specific procedure-specific quality metrics.

SurgiPrice is a powerful platform to lower healthcare costs for self-insured employers.

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